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Welcome to Personal Touch Freight, your transportation and logistical provider where our objective is client satisfaction. Here at Personal Touch Freight, we strive in our ability to move your merchandise efficiently and expeditiously using reputable carriers while guaranteeing reasonable prices. Moving large amounts of freight for sensible prices is a principal that P.T.F. stands upon.

Personal Touch Freight has worked very diligently to build and form relationships with other carriers. Not only does P.T.F. strive for a superior level of service, we also expect our carriers to carry themselves with integrity and maintain the same level of service. If for any reason a carrier or shipper no longer meets our superior level of expectations, they are immediately terminated. Today, Personal Touch Freight is pleased to report that we have a current database of over 4,500 professional carriers and over 7,000,000 professional shippers to choose from.

The process of getting signed up is quick and easy. Once price negotiations are made and agreed upon between the shipper and the carrier, P.T.F. will then began the process for you.

First, we conduct a major background check on the carrier.

Next, we check to be sure the carrier’s authority is valid.

Then, we check to ensure insurance is valid and the coverage is adequate enough to cover the freight that is to be transported.

Also, we check with the I.R.S. to make certain the “said” company is registered, their provided FEIN is unique, and the 1099 is valid.

Finally, we check their safety rating.

Personal Touch Freight is a subsidiary of Truckalocity; therefore, we are equipped with an enormous team of certified Master Freight Brokers that are at our disposal to assist us in achieving our goals which is to make sure that both the carrier and the shipper are both satisfied. Here at P.T.F. we ensure that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed! Don’t wait sign up today and let us do your worrying for you!

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